About the Founder

After decades of working in the publishing industry, including founding and operating a company that published twenty-four monthly magazines, Mr. Borowsky turned his attention to his life-long passion of building bridges of understanding between Christians and Jews. Prompting him in this shift of attention was a chance reading of the New Testament, which, as someone of the Jewish Faith, he had not done previously.  He was shocked to see that many passages blame “the Jews” outright for the capture and crucifixion of Jesus, and concluded that this rhetoric must be connected to the virulent hatred known as Anti-Judaism.

To learn as much as he could on the subject, he attended events worldwide hosted by the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, and consulted with numerous prominent Christians.  He discovered that many leading scholars and theologians were equally concerned about this matter and willing to share their expertise and extensive scholastic research on the subject.

With these passionate men and women at his side, Mr. Borowsky founded the American Interfaith Institute in 1982 and set out on the extraordinary mission of building bridges of understanding among people of different faiths.  The accomplishments of this organization have been bold and far-reaching.

In the year 2000, Mr. Borowsky expanded his mission with the opening of the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia. The Museum promotes understanding and respect among people of ALL backgrounds and nationalities, and includes art, exhibits and interactives which bring this message to life.  The American Interfaith Institute became home-based at this facility and continued its work among the different faith communities.


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