Mature Christinty
 Mature Christianity in the 21st Century
By Norman A. Beck
A comprehensive analysis of the anti-Jewish polemic in the New Testament, this volume represents Professor Beck’s formal response to the Christian “teaching of  contempt” for Jews.  Beck demonstrates that this was not the belief or practice of Jesus or the apostles of history, that teaching contempt for Jews damages its integrity.  Beck’s inspired message enhances interfaith understanding.

ArRtist Confronting
Artists Confronting
the Inconceivable
By Irvin J. Borowsky
In remembrance of Kristallnacht and the events of the Holocaust, the editor invited glass artists to create work that would illustrate the ravages of prejudice and hate.  Over 1,000 entries were received from artists in 28 nations.  One of the most remarkable aspects of this book is the personal commentary that accompanies each entry.

Defining J C Dialogue
Defining New Christian/Jewish Dialogue
Edited by Irvin J. Borowsky
A critical look at the long and at times contentious relationship between Judaism and Christianity.
Includes articles by Barclay Newman, Mary Boys, Eugene Fisher and other.

Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls: Rule of the Community

Edited by James H. Charlesworth
The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most sensational and valuable discovery in the history of Judaism and Christianity.  Rule of the Community, the name of a document found in the Qumran Caves, is a collection of rules for the celebration of the Covenant with God and for the admission, promotion, demotion and expulsion from the Community.  This beautifully produced volume explains clearly the events of the period and contains a pullout reproduction of the Rule of the Community scroll.  An international team of scholars has translated this book in six languages.

Jesus Jewish
Jesus’ Jewishness

Edited by James H. Charlesworth
Jewish and Christian scholars reflect upon the importance and implications of Jesus’ Jewishness. The book is a compilation of essays, including: Jesus, His Ancestry, and the Commandment of Love, by David Flusser; The Jewishness of Jesus, by Daniel J. Harrington; Reflections on Jesus-of-History Research Today, by John P. Meier; and Christianity and Judaism, by Hans Kung.

Jews and Christians
Jews and Christians: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future
Edited by James H. Charlesworth
It has been said that there will be no peace among the nations until there is peace among the religions of the world.  Jews and Christians records the reflections and dialogue of nine distinguished scholars. By exploring past and present relationships between Christians and Jews, they enhance the search for new modes of communication and a future in which Jewish-Christian bonds are stronger and closer.

Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Fear Between Jews and Christians
Edited by James H. Charlesworth
Based on a symposium presented by the Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary, this volume explores the historical, sociological, theological and personal impact of fear between the faiths, and suggests ways to confront and overcome it.  Chapters include: Why I Am Afraid by Elie Wiesel, A Gentile in the Wilderness: My Encounter with Jews and Judaism by Martin Hengel.

Crucified Jew
The Crucified Jew
By Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Cohn-Sherbok’s accessible account will introduce a general audience to the historical depth of Christian anti-Semitism as well as its geographic breadth.  This is not groundbreaking work – the material assembled here is readily accessible in more scholarly accounts – but Cohn Sherbok has rendered an important service by popularizing the material.  Knowing its history may enable contemporary readers to confront it more effectively whenever and wherever it shows itself in the present.

Education for Shalom
Education For Shalom

by Philip A. Cunningham
A detailed examination of the reform in Catholic Church teaching about Judaism since the Second Vatican Council produces precise criteria for educators and church leaders.  These can be used to assess the accuracy and value of catechetical and homiletic materials in regard to Jews and Judaism. Strengths and weaknesses of recent textbook references are discussed and lead to recommendations for teachers, parish priests, and designers of catechetical programs.

Within Context
Within Context:  Essay on Jews and

Judaism in the New Testament
Edited by David P. Efroymson, Eugene J. Fisher and Leon Klenicki
This collection of essays makes clear how a misreading of the New Testament in the framework of Christian teaching and preaching turns Christianity into a source of anti-Semitism.  Essays include: Within Context: The Judaism Contemporary with Jesus, by Anthony Saldarini; The Synoptic Gospels and Their Presentation of Judaism, by Philip A. Cunningham; The Gospel of John and the Presentation of Jews and Judaism, by Urban C. von Wahlde; and Jesus: Opposition and Opponents, by David P. Efroymson.

Faith Without Prejudie
Faith Without Prejudice

by Eugene J. Fisher
During the past forty years, Dr. Fisher has been guiding and charting the development of Catholic/Jewish dialogue.
In Faith Without Prejudice, he discusses the changing attitudes of both the official Catholic Church and its members. Dr. Fisher describes the historical relationships and addresses the question, “Are the Gospels anti-Semitic?”  He clearly shows that marked improvement in the relationship between Christianity and Judaism is under way.

Removing Anti-Judaism from NT
Removing Anti-Judaism from the New Testament

by Dr. Howard Clark Kee and Irvin J. Borowsky
The various chapters by influential Christians, focus on the outrageous and inaccurate references to Jews in Christian texts.  The forward makes clear that anti-Semitism can only be eradicated by Christian leadership, and the time is now.  The authors emphasize that interfaith dialogue cannot move ahead until the seeds of hatred about the Jewish people are removed from Christian texts.

Removing Anti-Judaism from Pulpit
Removing Anti-Judaism from the Pulpit
Edited by Howard Clark Kee and Irvin J. Borowsky
Anti-Semitism has been called the longest hatred.  An outstanding array of Christian theologians discuss the historical and interpretive issues that have fostered anti-Semitism over the centuries and the sermons that confront
anti-Semitism head on.

Faith Transformed
Faith Transformed
Edited by John C. Merkle 
From early on Christians have defined Christianity in relation to the Jewish tradition from which it emerged.  Traditionally, the Christian churches have taught that the validity of Judaism came to an end with the comingof Christ and the emergence of Christianity. In this book eleven Catholic and Protestant biblical scholars, historians, and theologians share how their encounters with Jews and Judaism have transformed their understanding and practice of Judaism.

Friend, Colleagues
Friends, Colleagues and Neighbors

by Dr. David Rausch
Friends, Colleagues, and Neighbors focuses on Jewish contributions to the history of the United States.  Dr. Rausch, a Christian, researched the significant role of the Jewish people in the everyday life of our nation, contributions that have often gone unnoticed and augmented the strength of our nation and its cultural ethic.  The book presents over 600 American Jews whose impact is often unknown to the general public.  From civic, military and philanthropic commitments to major contributions in science, medicine, commerce and more.

Every day Remembrances
Every Day Remembrance Day
By Simon Wiesenthal
A documentary of atrocities against the Jewish people for over 800 years.  The false accusations that led to this violence are a result of theological anti-Semitism that became integrated into church liturgy.