Scholars Weigh-In

The articles below have been written by members of the American Interfaith Institute; distinguished scholars, religious leaders, and religious professors at the most prestigious universities in the world. These articles cover a wide variety of subjects which weigh in on where religious perils originate, how they are being perpetuated and what can be done to resolve them. Each author uses intellectually honest and faithfully accurate information to correct misconceptions that can hinder the relationship between the Jewish and Christian faiths.

One of our scholars, James H. Charlesworth, noted the following about the importance of the American Interfaith Institute and the articles written under its auspices:

“Philosophers know that describing ‘what a thing is not’ never clarifies ‘what it is.’  All the universe must be exhaustively negated except one solitary thing or person. Grammarians show that good English is to be written without the use of negatives, especially double negatives, whenever possible.

Phenomenologists and sociologists know differently. If those who read what you write think they know what you mean before you write it, but are wrong, it is best to say ‘this is not what I mean’ before it is wrongly interpreted. Prejudices often blind the reader to what is actually written.

Perhaps, therefore, it is appropriate to say a few words about what this collection of articles is not.  There is no hidden agenda. Note well:

• it is not a missionary tract aiming to convert Christians to Judaism or Jews to Christianity;

• it does not presume to have answers to all or even most of the problems causing distrust between Jews and Christians;

• it does not seek to ignore, or stress, the differences among Jews and Christians;

• it does not seek to question the integrity of the confessional perspectives of Judaism and Christianity.

That being said, we invite you to explore our thought-provoking collection:


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